Nonthaburi Temple now accepting cashless payments for donations

It seems a temple in Nonthaburi is getting behind the governments Thailand 4.0 scheme having announced that they are getting with the times and are now accepting cashless payments via QR codes and prompt pay bank transfers as means of donation.

Wat Pleng Temple also known to locals as the Pink Ubosot Temple is currently undergoing restoration works and have announced they are trialing the new method of donation making, speaking about the decision abbot Phra Khru Sangkharakprasit said they were inspired to make the change after seeing a recent promotion for electronic banking provided by a bank here in Thailand.

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He said there are numerous benefits to the new system one of which being people were now able to make donations from anywhere in the world, the new system also allows for increased transparency regarding money received by temples from donations after several temples were recently caught up in embezzlement scandals.

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Both the person making a donation and those responsible for the money at the temple receive a notification each time a donation is made allowing people to better manage the funds.

Source: The Nation

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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