heat wave

It has been reported lately that a heatwave would hit most of Thailand with temperatures reaching more than 42 degrees but according to the Thai Meteorological Department, this is NOT a heatwave.

They state that a heatwave occurs when temperatures average more than five degrees Celsius higher than normal for at least five days in a row.

The so called heatwave is expected to hit Thailand around March 20th till 22nd.

According to the Thai Meteorological Department, there is an annual weather pattern called the Equinox phenomenon, which could push the temperature over 40 degrees for a few days.

In addition to this, they suggested that the hottest days in the Thai calendar will fall between late April and early May but with no expected increase on last years temperatures.

Incidentally, the highest temperature ever recorded in Thailand is 44.6 degrees, which occurred on April 28th, 2016 in Mae Hong Son in the north west of the country, near its border with Burma (Myanmar).

How do you feel about the 40+ heat? Like it or loathe it?


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