A video of a very disgruntled customer has been widely shared online since Thursday (November 9) after a Thai woman was recorded on CCTV launching a bag of scolding hot noodle soup at a food vendor in Chiang Mai after the portion she received was smaller than she wanted.

The worker named as Kham Loongtah, 26, suffered burns to her neck and chest after the plastic bag containing the soup burst open when it hit her.

Kham said that the customer who as yet has not been named ordered a portion of Khanom Chin Nam Ngiao (rice noodles and spicy pork soup) but after dishing out a portion the customer ordered Kham use a bigger bag and add more soup, to which Kham responded “this is the biggest bag we have.”

Obviously not happy over the size of the portion the woman launches the bag at Kham saying that she had gotten on her nerves.

It was at this point the unidentified soup throwers boyfriend stepped in to try and deescalate the situation apologizing and offering to take the badly burnt Kham to hospital.
Kham said she was scared by the couple and refused the boyfriends offer.

Kham took herself to hospital for treatment which cost 10,000 baht of which the couple reportedly agreed to pay. As a result of the incident Kham was forced to miss several days of work losing money while she recovered from her burns.

Kham said she has worked at the food stall for over four years and averages around 700 baht a day working a double shift starting at 11am and finishing at 2am.

Following the incident Kham has filed a police report stating that she does not hold a grudge but hopes the woman will own up and take responsibility for what she has done.

Source: Sanook

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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