Sophon Cable TV in Pattaya had a camera crew out reporting on Mondays flooding following some very heavy rain when they came across one police officer who wasn’t afraid to get wet to try and do what he could to help alleviate the flood waters.

Officer Prasert Thianyee armed with a PVC pipe was out in the rain doing what he could to remove rubbish and unblock drains whilst directing traffic.

Reports commented that the officer wasn’t concerned with how he looked or about getting wet he was just trying to help in any way he could, gaining widespread praise from the online community for his actions.

Sunday night and Monday mornings heavy rains resulted in widespread traffic problems with many roads under 30-50 centimetres of water, Sukhumvit and Beach road were noted as being especially effected by the heavy rainfall.

While the majority of the comments online praised the officer for his actions some did question where all the rubbish that was seen blocking the drains originated from.

Source :  Thai Visa News

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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