Many people are terrified of spiders in their homes or other creepy crawlies but what would you do if you came home to find a monitor lizard climbing up your front door?

That is what a distressed woman was faced with in her home in Samut Prakan.

Terrified, she called animal rescuers to come and take the reptile away.

A video showing three men removing the creature from the woman’s door gives you some idea just how scary the situation must have been for the poor woman.

Monitor lizards have powerful tails and claws and generally speaking are carnivorous, although they do like fruit and other vegetation.

A monitor lizards bite can be extremely painful and also poisonous, resulting in swelling and excessive bleeding in humans. Bites must be treated to fend of the possibility of infection.

Basically, if you see one, stay well clear.

This one was returned to the wild by the rescuers.


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