Due to this week’s Loy Krathong Festivities airline officials in Chiang Mai have had to cancel or reschedule almost 200 flights in and out of Chiang Mai.

Starting today until November 4, a total of 90 flights landing and departing from the popular northern city have been cancelled with a further 97 rescheduled over safety concerns with people releasing lanterns to celebrate Loy Krathong.

This year Loy Krathong night will happen tomorrow when Thailand will witness a full moon with the festivities rounding off on Sunday.

There will be celebrations held all across Chiang Mai, however people will only legally be allowed to release the lanterns from 7pm on November 3 until 1am on November 4.

Releasing the lanterns has been a tradition practiced for years, however it has been declining in recent years, primarily due to safety campaigns about the dangers of releasing the lanterns.

According to reports there was a total of 27,073 lanterns released for Loy Krathong in 2015 but the number dropped off dramatically in 2016 when only 7,265 lanterns were let loose into the skies.

There will be a number of Loy Krathong celebrations held across Pattaya tomorrow with the biggest taking place at Lan Po Public Park in Naklua from 5pm.

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