The long awaited high-speed railway link between China and Thailand finally has a date for the start of the project after Thai officials finally approved the environmental impact assessment which was the last remaining obstacle holding up the project.

Work is now reportedly scheduled to begin on December 21, however according to some reports the Thai government is now pushing for the railway, once complete to be used to transport cargo not passengers, this has not gone down too well with people online.

A comment was made at the World Internet Conference on Sunday where Vallobh Muangkeo, Thailand’s secretary general of the National Assembly spoke with reporters from the South China Morning Post saying that because of the steep cost of the project and Thailand’s relatively low population, transporting passengers on the railway does not make economic sense.

The cost of the project has caused several setbacks to getting the track built over the last couple of years but in July the Thai government finally agreed to commit $5.2 billion to the project which will link Bangkok to Nakhon Ratchasima, a distance of 253-kilometers.

Muangkeo did clarify that the decision whether to use the railway line for cargo or passengers has yet to be decided so there is still hope if you were planning on using the railway service.

Source: Shanghai List

Conten: LovePattayaThailand


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