After the discovery of 50,000 DTAC sim cards at a Cambodian border earlier this week authorities on this side are increasing the checks on Chinese tourists coming in via the Aranyaprathet crossing.

The discovery of the sim cards was made after officials found them in an unattended baggage trolley in three suitcases.

Cambodian authorities alleged that Chinese call centre gangs are using the sim cards to launder money.

The gangs supposedly load each sim card up with 10,000 baht then take them to another country to deposit the money into a bank account.

Cambodian officials told the Thai authorities that their country is being used as a staging ground for the operation.

Thai authorities said they are yet to find evidence to authenticate the claims, however having been given the warning from Cambodian officials they are increasing checks at the boarder as a precaution.

Source: ThaiRath

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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