A Thai male model looks set to lose his social welfare after a photo he posted online caused outrage amount Thai internet citizens.

The photo that caused the stir shows the models welfare card casually placed under a G-shock watch and along with his smart phone and a pricy branded coffee, which cost half a day’s pay to those on minimum wage.

Since model Wachrin Tankuranan, 26, posted the photo on Sunday social media users have not had many kind words for the young model.


Obviously rather peeved over the post social media users have gone through the models photos and have been annoyed further by many photos of Wachrin sporting high priced gadgets and eating at high end restaurants.

Many are questioning how he is able to do this while on welfare in a country where the average daily minimum wage amounts to roughly 310 baht.

Following the public outcry the model took to social media to plead his poverty stating that he really is poor noting that the majority of the expensive items he posts actually belong to his friends… OK.

He said regarding his trips for expensive Starbucks coffees “sometimes my friends invite me to go for coffee, I don’t have to pay as I go with friends.”

The apparently hard up model said that some months he earns no money what so ever, as is the nature of his profession.

Wachrin posted “I’m just a normal person, I’m not rich or handsome.”
Ok we understand you’re a non-handsome model that likes to pose with your friend’s gadgets….

Well it seems he might have a bit more explaining to do as the director-general of the Comptroller General’s Department, Sutthirat Rattanachote said she is now aware of the case and an investigation of the model will be carried out, she noted if they find Wachrin not to be qualified for the status it will be revoked.

The welfare cards were given to roughly 7 million low income members of the public in Thailand at the start of October.

To qualify for the status you must earn less than 100,000 baht annually and have less than 100,000 baht in savings, you also cannot own any property.

The card gives the user a monthly allowance of 1,800 intended to be used to help pay for food, water bills and public transportation.

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Content: Love Pattaya Thailand



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