Officials waste no time installing temporary bridge in Chiang Mai

Earlier this week a video was being shared on social media that showed a bridge in Chiang Mai was no match for Mother Nature and the force of flood waters.

Officials in the area have wasted no time in installing a Bailey Bridge between Ban Huy Thong and Ban San Pu Loei on Friday to get transport links up and running again.

Thanin Somboon the chief of the Department of Highways said that the bridge is a temporary fix to replace the 52-meter- long four-lane bridge that was destroyed on Tuesday.

The temporary steel framed bridge is reportedly 60-meters- long and was expected to be operational by Friday evening.

Chief Thanin has implored the public to notify local authorities of any other flood damaged roads or bridges by calling the 1586 hotline.

Source: The Nation

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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