Oh My Papa

Gentlemen. Do you find that being called “Pa” or Papa” offensive or do you see it as a term of endearment?

There are debates around the Internet suggesting that the usage of “Pa” especially, suggesting that it is becoming derogatory amongst farang tourists and expats.

Pa and Papa are common words meaning “Daddy” and many Thai ladies will often refer to customers as Pa or Papa, often because they do not know or cannot recall the customer’s name and mean no harm by using the term.

But it appears that some people are in fact taking offence and want the trend to cease.

Is it impolite to call a man “Pa”? Should a girl refer to a customer as “Papa”?

In Thailand, older people are generally treated with the utmost respect. Whether it is elderly relations or older customers in a bar. The more mature a person is, the greater the honour bestowed on you is.

Often people consider the use of “Pa” when speaking to people in influential positions or if they have considerable wealth but it is also used in more elementary contexts too, such as being of a certain age.

Have you even been called “Pa” or even “Papa” by a girl who is not your daughter or granddaughter? How do you feel about it?


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