If you’re a guy reading this you are probably already starting to wince and begin to imagine the pain and embarrassment involved with such a situation.

You know those plastic chairs that everyone has in their garden, the ones with the slots cut in just wide enough for a guys under carriage to slip into and… It’s stuck! Also, the edges tend to be a little sharp, so a quick push or pull on the old sack is just going to cause further injury.

The story goes that an 81 year old man was rushed to hospital in a plastic chair this week somewhere in the outskirts of Bangkok. He had sat on the seat naked, thus explaining his sudden attachment to the chair.

The problem grew, along with grandpa’s ball sack, when continued tugging and gentle persuasion actually caused swelling of the scrotum. When rescue volunteers arrived they found the old boy crying in pain. This really isn’t funny guys!

After arriving at the Thanyaburi Hospital, staff there managed to set his ball sack free after 30 minutes! They had to carefully cut the chair without further injuring the poor old chap.

This is definitely a lesson for families with older relatives, don’t sit grandpa naked on a plastic chair! It’s better to put a cover or cushion down first, or maybe simply buy him some decent underwear!


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