One killed, 30 hurt in bus-truck crash

It seems we are forever reporting accidents involving buses and today is no exception.

Sadly another death has occurred when a bus heading for Bangkok rear ended another vehicle this morning. The incident occurred in the Wang Noi district about 60 km from the capital.

The bus driver died as a result of the accident with 30 others hurt, three of which sustained serious injuries. Three woman were considered to be in a critical condition and were named as Udomporn Sangsrikaew, 21, of Sakon Nakhon, Boothong Duangphor, 44, of Bung Kan and Kanya Wongkakham of Nonthaburi.

The deceased driver, who was only 30-years-old was named as Sutthikiart Parapong from Sakon Nakhon province.

The driver of the truck Watchara Uthawong, said the bus hit him from behind shunting his truck forward by at least 50 metres.

Investigations are underway but police suspect the bus driver may have nodded off when driving.

With so many accidents involving buses and public transport vans, surely it is time for the authorities to get strict with driving regulations?

Limitations on driving hours are a must along with proper assessment of a driver’s skills.


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