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Thailand has been enforcing many of the rules of the road lately…

It is not odd to see your random pop-up checkpoints throughout the city. The city police in Prachuap Kiri Khan took it a step further yesterday with a little operational risk management.

The motorbike driver came to a slow, roadblock ahead, no helmet. Should he turn around? Maybe try to push through? Before he can decide he hears the sharp blast of the officer’s whistle signaling him to pull over. He knew it would be just another fine he’d have to pay, or would it?

Not on this particular day in Prachuap Kiri Khan. Instead of tickets, police were handing out brand new helmets in an initiative to save lives in road accidents this coming year. The campaign was sponsored by the Toyota head office in the province as well as family members of a police officer and another unnamed company.

Thailand is known for many things, unfortunately road deaths are among one of them. Police are being proactive against the issue due to the increasingly negative statistics over previous years. Pansa Amaraphitak of the highway force added that while you may have a helmet, it will not save you if you do not obey the rules of the road. The two must be used in conjunction with one another.

Authorities have issued statements that they will be out in force within the province and will have New Year’s checkpoints to ensure traffic rules are being followed and obeyed.

This will no doubt be a Thailand wide initiative and everyone is strongly urged to refrain from drinking and operating a motor vehicle of any sort during these holiday seasons.


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