We all know how important organ donations are and of course giving blood for that matter – right?

Well Thailand, just like many other countries in the world, require both organs and blood to save lives so the Organ Donation Centre have appealed to people to permit doctors to remove organs in the event of their deaths.

With over 5000 patients in the Kingdom waiting on organs being donated, the problem is hitting critical levels. The most demanded organs are kidneys and livers with 85% of the waiting list awaiting these two body parts.

Three people in Thailand will die each week because of lack of organ donations.

Like most countries in the world, permission must be granted by the relatives before a surgeon can remove body parts to save another person’s lives.

We reported last week, the story of Somdech “Nong Bew” Khongnoi who was only fourteen at the time of his death but with his parents consent, he helped others live on or improved the quality of their lives.

Criteria for organ donors are:

1. The donor must be under 60 years of age.
2. The donor has died from cerebral death.
3. The donor is free of infectious disease and cancer.
4. The donor does not have any chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart conditions, kidney disorder, hypertension, liver disease, or alcoholism.
5. The organ to be donated must be fully functional.
6. The donor must have no diseases that can be transmitted through organ transplants e.g. hepatitis-B, AIDS.
7. Please inform your family members or relatives of the donation.

If you are interested in donating your organs please visit http://english.redcross.or.th/content/page/953


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