Van driver fined

The fining of drivers with overloaded vans has commenced.

Love Pattaya posted about the amendments to the law concerning how many passengers can be carried in the passenger vans, which was reduce to thirteen.

Once driver caught with too many passengers was fined along with the owner of the vehicle.

Prajit Suwannasaeng, 55, received a 5000 baht fine and had his licence suspended for fifteen days after failing to heed the many warnings issued by the authorities.

The van’s owner, the Maha Phram Company, was also fined 20,000 baht and were warned that any repeat breach of the rules would incur additional legal action being taken against them.

Amazingly the driver was not stopped by police. He was reported via social media, following a complaint that he had stopped to pick up more passengers and exceeded the thirteen passenger rule. The poster continued to say that some people were actually standing inside the van!

A local land transport official said the van was registered in Ayutthaya to carry 17 passengers after modification but was known to carry more.

Have you been on a van with more than the legal 13 passengers since the deadline?

Share you stories with us.


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