Overweight Cops In Thailand Could Be A Thing Of The Past

Routund police officers in Nakhon Ratchasima could be a thing of the past following an announcement made yesterday that a special fat-busting boot-camp which had been trialed on some of the larger officers in the area was a resounding success.

Plans to now send overweight officers from all over the kingdom to a two week intensive training course which covers diet and exercise in Pak Chong to help get larger officers back in shape are being finalized.

Dietary enforcer Sgt. Maj Sornpetch Chantarak who is spearheading the new fat reducing program said “There are lots of problems if you’re a fat officer, you work slower and move slower, it’s unacceptable if you’re tasked with catching wrongdoers.”

The trial of the new program which included 200 overweight police officers labeled the “Belly Destruction” program was said to have produced astounding results according to Maj Sornpetch who said “officers who took part originally weighing 80kg trimmed down to 60kg while officers weighing in at 200kg lost as much as 60kg.”

Police stations from all over the kingdom will now send 2-3 of their biggest cops to take part in the program.


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