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The Owner of the Monkey House Bar in Surin has spoken out after being attacked and intimidated by members of a biker club last weekend calling the men toothless cowards who attack women.

Lee Buil told the media that he was not worried about the injuries he sustained but more concerned for his Thai wife Gee who was nearly strangled by one of the men that attacked the bar.

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He said the men came armed with pool cues and batons and damaged the bar causing 60,000 baht in damages.

Videos of the incident went viral on social media with a large outcry over the attacker’s behaviour.

Owner of the "Monkey House" calls attackers "toothless cowards"

Lee has lived in Thailand for 20 years previously running a bar in Pattaya before moving with his wife to Surin.

He said “these men were hired thugs doing the biding of a ringleader thinking they were untouchable.”

He said they picked the wrong town to do this as Surin has a large army presence and the new regime would not tolerate this sort of behaviour.

These men have given big bike clubs a bad name as most members of the clubs are good members of the community who do lots for charities.

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Source : Thaivisa

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