The online web portal of Thai Airways has been a problem to all.

An unnamed family was forced to pay an extra of 3,000 Baht (£69) at a check-in counter since their name was too long to fit on their boarding passes.

Unable to fit their name, the father had shortened the names while booking on the website.

The airline though has refunded them for the extra charges, but this remains posing problems for people booking.


“We apologise for the inconvenience since the internet booking system allows up to 25 characters each for the first name and family name when booking a ticket,” the official airline’s Facebook page stated.

A similar case was reported by Sun Online Travel previously that a woman was denied boarding a flight since she didn’t include her middle name.

Ashley Collins who was trying to board a WOW Air flight to Iceland from Toronto was denied from boarding the flight as she her middle name was missing, reported Torronto’s City News.

Source : The Sun

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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