Passenger van safety scrutinised after five killed in accident

Following last week’s tragedy where a total of five people lost their lives after a privately hired minivan crashed into the back of a lorry

A group of academics have spoken out stating that an improved monitoring system is required to prevent further deaths as a result of road accidents.

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As a result of the accident the Department of Land Transportation (DLT) has already stated that they have begun implementing stricter regulations for the private hire vehicles, stipulating that all will be required to be fitted with GPS tracking by the end of 2017.

It was noted by Road Safety Manager Thanapong Chinwong that private hire minivans have not been as closely monitored as public buses despite stricter regulations being put in place.

Passenger van safety scrutinised after five killed in accident

Thanapong noted that there was multiple factors that need to be monitored in regards to safety standards surrounding privately hired minivans including the speed at which they are driven, driver conditions, the condition of the minivan, all factors which need to me monitored by both the owners and the government, following the recent accident it shows that the current monitoring system is not good enough.

He stated that normal procedure for vans fitted with GPS is to have data analysed in each province by the DLT looking at factors such as speed and working hours of the driver, however individual companies need to put their own systems in place to make sure vans are safe, in a good condition and their drivers are well rested and alert when behind the wheel.

Passenger should also take safety into their own hands and inform the driver if they feel he or she is driving too fast or in a dangerous manner.

Thanapong has suggested that the DLT establish a black list for drivers that do not adhere to safety regulations and for authorities to set up a special investigative system to determine the cause of any future accident.

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