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A 65-year-old pensioner in Ubon Ratchathani’s Pibul Mangsahan district has had people all over the kingdom enthralled in her pursuit to find love.

After posting a sign on her gate looking for an eligible suiter which gained her internet and media fame.

Despite speculation yesterday on multiple Thai social media pages divorcee Sompong Chomphupraphet confirmed today (November 7) that she has set to find a suitable applicant.

Pensioners search for love continues after false online reports

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She said there had been a misunderstanding earlier in the week after a photo of her and an unidentified man outside her house appeared online, stating that he was not her new boyfriend.

Sompong Chomphupraphet said she would not fall in love with anyone after one day and that the man in the picture was simply a fan who wanted to have his picture taken with her.

She said she did not know how the photo ended up online but asked people to stop sharing the image as the man might have a family and the wrong impression could be given.

According to the Sompong she is quite picky when it comes to finding a suitable suiter, she is looking for a good looking elderly gentleman with a monthly income of over 20,000 baht who is neither over or underweight.

The sign that the lonely pensioner put up in an effort to attract a suiter gained media attention last week and since internet stardom.

Let’s hope that the photo mix-up has not hindered her search for an eligible candidate to much.

Source: The Nation

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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