People across several provinces in Thailand have begun breaking out the winter clothing as stoking campfires after temperatures dropped significantly.

Now were not complaining it’s not like were in Europe scraping snow and ice from the car windshield in the morning or anything but since winter arrived it has become noticeably cooler.

It was reported that people in Burng Kan province had been going out to buy second hand winter attire in response to the recent drop in temperature.

It was also reported that people in Nong Khai Province have also been going out on the hunt for bargain winter clothing with many choosing to shop along the Thai-Laos border where people from both side where spotted buying clothing to keep themselves warm, many fearing merchants will soon jack up prices as a result of the cold.

People in Ang Thong have been lighting campfires after recent heavy rains have displaced many people and cattle so fires have been lit to keep both people and animals warm with many fearing that foot and mouth mite decimate their herds, which is common during the colder months.

The Northeast Meteorological office said they expect temperatures to rise by several degrees once a low pressure cell has moved away from the upper part of the kingdom over the next few days, however temperatures are expected to fall as low as 12 degrees from November 19.

Source: Coconuts

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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