One of US’s most popular Tex-Mex food chain- Taco-Bell is ready to open its first outlet in Thailand by 2019 latest.

Housing most of the international food chains, Thai netizens will now indulge in the Taco-Bell’s tasty taco treats. Mouth-watering pocket-friendly tacos are being brought over by the same Thai company that successfully invited and welcomed Pizza Hut in the country- Thoresen Thai Agencies.

CEO Chalermchai Mahagitsiri reported to Brand Inside as to how Taco-Bells will soon close the deal with Yum! Brands.


He believes that Taco Bell has prospects in Thailand because of its strong preference among the Asian people.

Yum! Brands have accepted Chalermchai’s proposal in bringing the Taco Bell brand to Thailand most preferably by this year or 2019 latest.

The menu of this Thailand branch has not been decided upon yet and Taco Bell’s Mexican favorite –the Doritos Gordita Crunch or Cheetos quesadilla’s availability in Thailand is still questionable.


All questions will be answered once the food chain is operational.

Established in 1962 in Downey, California, Taco Bells has almost 7,000 outlets all over the world. China witnessed the first taste of Taco Bell’s in 2003- first amongst the Asian nations.

The Thai locals have waited very long to see Taco Bell in Thailand and the facebook page – ‘Help Bring Taco Bell in Thailand’ with 365 followers can now celebrate its success.

Given below is a list of best Mexican restaurants in Bangkok, just in case you wish to savor some delicious Mexican food right now.

Source : Coconuts

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