Thai social media was once again abuzz after pictures were uploaded showing what some have called the most disgusting apartments.

Ever after the tenant done a bunk leaving the vile apartment for the unfortunate landlord to sort out.

People online didn’t hold back with the comments condemning the person who left the property in such a state.

Photos posted online of "one of the most disgusting apartments ever"

Photos show just how bad the apartment really was with bottles and piles of rubbish left everywhere and evidence of drug use, the bathroom floor was completely covered in bottles and black after it had been flooded and just left.

Along with the rather disgusting photos was a sign that the owner of the apartment building has now put up informing other residents that they will now be subject to scheduled room inspections.

The sign notes that as a result of one of the rooms being heavily soiled and damaged and the occupant fleeing they are asking for the cooperation of other residents to allow management to inspect their rooms regularly.

The sign also goes on to explain that tenants suspected of causing damage or using drugs could be subject to random inspections as well as scheduled ones.

They pictures uploaded did not note where the apartment building is located.

While the majority of the comments online simply called the pictures words like horrible or disgusting some pointed out that the occupant could have been mentally ill or suffered from a hording disorder expressing their sadness that anyone should live in such appalling conditions.

Source: coconut

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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