Phuket officials have taken extra precautions at crocodile farms in the region after fears that heavy rains might flood the area resulting in croc's escaping

As a result of recent heavy rains in Phuket which have left some areas flooded Phuket Fisheries officers paid a visit to local crocodile farms to make sure that there was no chance of the reptiles escaping to outside waters in an effort to ensure public safety.

Officers visited four businesses which were home to roughly 500 crocodiles in both the Muang Phuket and Thalang district as well as one privately owned croc in Thalang district.

The officers visited each crocodile farm and inspected enclosures before suggesting improved safety measures to prevent any possible escapees.

The team noted that all of the premises visited had proper security measures in place making it very difficult for any of the crocodile to escape even if flooding was to happen.

Let’s hope for those living nearby that they are right.

Source: Puket

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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