95 ‘illegal aliens’ arrested in Phuket in three days

A press conference was held yesterday (November 10) at the Phuket Immigration Office in Phuket Town to announce that in a joint operation involving multiple agencies that over the course of three days from November 8 -10 a total of 95 ‘illegal aliens’ have been arrested.

Maj Gen Jessada Saiyun who led the press conference said there are a large number of foreign nationals working in Phuket, however officials had discovered that some had overstayed their visas while othershad not notified immigration of their place of residence.

He went on to state that officials are continuously receiving complaints of illegal aliens in Phuket from India, Pakistan and Napal among other nations who often cause problems for the police.

As a result of complaints between 8 -10 November a total of 83 officers from various agencies conducted a series of raids to target illegal aliens resulting in the arrest of 95 individuals.

Of the 95 people arrested 62 were from Indian, 11 from Pakistan, 6 from Egypt and 16 others from undisclosed countries.

Source: PhuketNews

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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