Phuket to spend 8 million baht on

Authorities in Phuket are splashing the cash on soi dogs after an 8 million baht budget was approved to build a “dog condo” and landscaping projects at the Phuket Government’s Stray dog shelter located in Suan Pa Bang Kanun in Phuket’s Thalang district.

The shelter has been open since 2003 but was recently identified as having low hygiene standards at the 4 rai facility which is home to around 500 dogs according to the Phuket Livestock Office Chief, Surajit Witchuwan.

According to Surajit he said that Phuket’s governor wants to completely renovate the shelter to provide a better home for the dogs and make it more welcoming to visitors.

Phuket to spend 8 million baht on "condo" for stray dogs

The 8 million baht will be spent on creating a two storey “condo” for the dogs with a facility to transform the canines waste into gas.

Phuket to spend 8 million baht on "condo" for stray dogs

The facility currently costs 300,000 baht per month to run to take care of the 400-500 dogs that reside there.

Donation boxes will be installed to help with upkeep costs.

Surajit said that in most cases dogs become strays after being left by irresponsible owners who no longer want to care for their pet.

Source: Phuket Gazette

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  1. This clearly demonstrates that they think more about dogs than the old and infirm who have little or no money to feed themselves and survive.


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