Phuket To Penang With AirAsia In Just Over An Hour

AirAsia have announced a new route, which will see direct flights introduced between Phuket and Penang in Malaysia.

Previously the route between the two airports was a nightmare, which involved a horrendous journey in a passenger van, usually travelling through the night. You could also fly with Firefly Airways in a small propeller powered plane, which is certainly a better option than the van but still not ideal.

AirAsia are about to make life so much easier and increase tourist figures between the two locations as they introduce this new route.

The new flight will depart Penang on a daily basis at 20:25 arriving in Phuket five minutes later at 20:30, due to the time difference. The flight takes just over an hour in reality.

The return journey leaves Phuket at 21:00 and arrives in Malaysia at 23:00.

The new route will commence on July 1st 2018.

So no need to endure many hours trapped in the back of a passenger van or at the wheel of a hired car. Enjoy.

Source : TheTiger

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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