Pictures surfaced on social media earlier this week of a monk out shopping at a supermarket purchasing expensive foreign sausage caused many online to question whether it was appropriate behaviour for a holy man.

The pictures were uploaded to Facebook by Smith Tungkasmit who is a professor at Rangsit University who noted he often witnessed monks shopping at the store.

He noted on this occasion he saw the monk purchasing some expensive foreign sausage then shortly after some equally pricy grape juice which was deposited into his basket among other items.

Pictures of monk buying "expensive foreign sausage" draw criticism
Pictures of monk buying "expensive foreign sausage" draw criticism

The story originally reported by Sanook noted that it was not a serious breach of Buddhist regulations and that it was similar to a monk buying a coffee.

But noted it didn’t look very good explaining that monks are supposed to get alms from the public.

Souce : Sanook

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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