Pig Catching Sports Day - Phuket

A Sports day was organized by the Deputy Mayor to help build relationships between local residents and to bring near by villages together for a day of activities which included pig catching.

The Mayor also used this day to promote healthy living, as doing exercise contributes to a healthy body and clear mind.

Residents participated in activities such as Petong, which is also known as tug of war, but it was the pig contest that everyone was there for as they were allowed to keep the pigs once they had caught them.

One resident each was chosen from ten different villages to represent there communities in the competition, they had to perform there own Wai Kru, which is a Thai ritual in which each of them pay there respects to each other.

This type of ritual is common in Thailand and is performed in places such as schools of performing arts and used as the students initiation.

Source : Thephuketnews

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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