Love Pattaya reported the death of poor Piggy Bank, a turtle who had a liking for eating coins thrown into a pond, which ultimately resulted the the animal’s death.

Now vets have said a further two turtles, which were rescued from the same pond, are being treated after ingesting coins.

Piggy Bank became one of the most famous turtles in the world following stories about her dietary habits. The turtle managed to consume Almost a thousand coins, which are thrown into the pond by as people believing it brings good luck.

The vets will try to avoid surgery by giving the creatures medication to permit them to excrete the coins themselves. The two affected turtles have nowhere near the amount of coins in the stomachs and intestines as the late Piggy Bank.

Nine turtles in total have been examined, undergoing X-rays and blood tests.

Vets have urged people not to throw coins in the ponds where turtles are to be found. Many animals will swallow items such as coins or various forms of litter, which can and often does lead to the deaths of animals each year.


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