A Thai dog named “Pingpong” saved a newborn’s life on the 15th of this month. Pingpong has now become the hero of the village when he alerted his owner of a newborn that attempted to be buried alive by the mother.

Pingpong lives in Chum Puang District in Nakhon Ratchasima province. Pingpong is a black Thai dog and is currently 6 years old. Pingpong’s owner named Usa Nisaika 41 years old stated that he was looking after his cows that were taking a walk near the Cassava farm. He heard Pingpong barking so he followed the voice to see what Pingpong was up to.

When Usa went closer he realized there was a baby crying inside the Cassava farm. Pingpong was furiously trying to dig the dirt, suddenly Usa saw a baby’s leg come out of the dirt. He then quickly helped Pingpong dig out the dirt and discovered a baby that was luckily still alive. Usa took the baby to the Chumpuang Hospital right away.

The Chumpuang Hospital received a baby boy weighing 2,400 grams. The boy was rushed to the hospital on the 15th of this month from a villager named Usa. Usa reported to the hospital that the baby was discovered in the Cassava farm where he was taking his cows for a walk, about 1 kilometer away from his village.

Usa told the Workpoint News team that Pingpong has been his pet for 6 years. Last year Pingpong was hit by a car and became a disabled dog as one of his legs wouldn’t work anymore. Pingpong is a good boy who always listened to his owner and was friendly to the other villagers. It was common for Pingpong to take a walk with Usa while he looked after the cows.

Although Pingpong’s leg doesn’t work like they used to he still follows Usa with the cows. It is unbelievable how Pingpong’s curiosity and good heart led to a baby’s survival. Pingpong has become the hero of Chumpuang district love and admired by the locals.



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