Frightening Turbulence leaves passengers with broken bones on plane destined for Bangkok

It is estimated that over twenty people have been seriously injured as an Aeroflot flight from Moscow destined to Bangkok was hit with nasty turbulence.

A plane (Boeing 777) carrying three hundred passengers including babies, suffered extreme clear air turbulence which caused the plane to rapidly jump up hundreds of meters.

Plane heading for Bangkok turbulence

Clear air turbulence is impossible to see or prepare for as there are no visual clues such as clouds, even weather radars struggle to pick it up. It is caused when bodies of air moving at different speeds meet each other.

The vast majority of the passengers that have been injured were the people standing up and not wearing seatbelts. There was no time to prepare though as noone knew they were going to get hit as no order to wear seatbelts was given.Plane heading for Bangkok turbulence

It is thought that three Thai citizens are among the injured as they were thrown into the air causing fractures, concussions and spinal injuries.

AeroFlot has agreed to pay for medical bills as it is believed that over twenty people have been hospitalized.

Love Pattaya Thailand would like to wish all injured passengers well and hope they have a restful recovery.

Originally reported by:The Moscow Times



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