Thai PM said he was joking about ‘laws banning infidelity’

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha spoke to reporters yesterday to set the record straight after a comment where the PM jokingly said that a law was being drawn up to ban people having giks (a Thai word for a mistress)

The Pm made the comment when visiting farmers in Isaan, during an agricultural discussion the PM was quoted out of context.

The Prime minister reportedly spoke about a celebrity couple who had just broken up and said “anyone being dumped by their husband can come to me, it’s against the law, the laws only allow for one wife, you can’t have giks, the laws about that are being drafted.”

Thai PM said he was joking about ‘laws banning infidelity’

Understandably this comment caused quite a stir as in Thai culture most successful people have flirtatious relationships with people other than their partners.

The PM said yesterday however no such law is being drafted and he was joking in an attempt to lighten the mood as people were beginning to fall asleep during his talk on farming.

Referred to as “Uncle Tu” by his supporters he said “I’m a funny guy, however sometimes when I’m serious you think I’m joking and when I’m joking you think I’m serious.”

Those members of the public with giks are probably breathing a sigh of relief now that the PM has cleared all that up.

Source : Coconuts

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