PM Prayut Receives Royal Endorsement At Government House, Bangkok

The newly elected ThaiPM, until now the Prime Minister-elect, has now received royal endorsement from His Majesty the King. The ceremony was held at Government House early this afternoon.

Deputy PM Wissanu Krea-ngarm says that PM Prayut and existing cabinet ministers from the previous government will attend the ASEAN Summit, scheduled for June 20-23 in Bangkok, because the new cabinet is unlikely to be endorsed before the Summit.

The PM has also been speaking in conciliatory tones earlier today saying that the positions offered to coalition partners will be honoured.

Thai PBS reports that the Prime Minister was in a good mood this morning, smiling as he greeted reporters at Government House in Bangkok. Asked whether he felt excited to receive the Royal Command, he said that “it felt normal, like any other day”.

The ceremony was held in the See Nga Chang room at the Thai Khu Fah building.  Representatives of the 18 coalition parties were invited to attend the event, which was broadcast live from 1.20 pm.


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