Police arrested two Chinese men and two Thai women for allegedly carrying out a call-centre con, where they pretended to be the police and threatened victims into sending them money.

Pol Lt General Tawitchat Palasak of the Provisional Police Region 6 said the suspects are alleged to have posed as police officers and threatened 13 victims from their jurisdiction with narcotics charges if they didn’t transfer them money.

Police Arrest 4 People Posing As Officers In Call-Centre Scam

They convinced their victims that they were the authorities by altering their phone equipment so it showed the Police Region 6 number on the target’s caller display.

The Lt General said the gang stands accused of extorting a total of 19.8 million baht so far this year.

The police caught the two women Chenisa Wongfu and Kanjaree Wattanawinin after victims were able to identify the women as the owners of the bank accounts where they sent the money to.

Police Arrest 4 People Posing As Officers In Call-Centre Scam

Authorities were then able to identify the two Chinese men Chen Meihang and Pan Yao from ATM footage.

The investigation is still ongoing but the police aim to make more arrests here in the kingdom and the gang’s leader who they believe to be in China.

Source : Thenation

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