After all the recent reports of flooding in the capital it’s nice to hear at least one story after pictures of police officers they tried to catch catfish that were swimming much to many people’s amusement.

The pictures originally posted on @Fm91 Trafficpro Facebook page show officers from Special Branch Bureau trying to catch the fish on Rama I Road.

The rain started on midnight and fell right through the night leading to widespread flooding across the capital and prompted several catfish to swim out of the drainage pipes into police HQ.

The officers in charge of catching the catfish reportedly did manage to take into custody two fish, though no report was given as to their charge or if they were released.

Fm91 Trafficpro is a radio station operated by the Royal Thai Police to inform the public of traffic and other issues around the nation’s capital.

Source  : The Nation

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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