New Bangkok Police Chief Lifts All Traffic Checkpoints

The new acting commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau announced yesterday he was lifting all traffic checkpoints in Bangkok, stating that they did nothing to help traffic flow around the capital.

The new commissioner Pol Lt-Gen Chanthep Seaswech made his priorities clear in an announcement to the press following a visit to pay respect to Thai and Chinese ancestors at a shrine before assuming his new high up position.

New Bangkok Police Chief Lifts All Traffic Checkpoints

He said as far as he could see the check points do more harm than good thus he has made the decision to remove them.

In their absence he has ordered his officers to strictly inforce all traffic laws referencing for instance parked cars in a no parking zone must be issued a fine.

He said his officers would be assigned an area to patrol and make sure traffic is flowing as it should, warning they would face disciplinary action if they fail to inforce a law that results in traffic congestion.

New Bangkok Police Chief Lifts All Traffic Checkpoints

He said that Alcohol and security checkpoints would continue to operate as usual but there must be a senior officer at each checkpoint and they must seek approval before setting up a checkpoint.

A meeting is to be scheduled with a representative from all 88 police stations in Bangkok present for the new commissioner to inform them of his new policies.

Source : ThaiPBS

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