It seems fairly logical but the Thai police were told anyway at a meeting on Monday “speed kills.”

As part of a joint effort between the Bloomberg Foundation and Chulongkorn University findings concluded that the faster people drive the more accidents there are.

As a result of being presented with the “new” findings police in the capital are looking at reducing the speed limit in built up areas from 80kmph down to 50kmph.

If the move proves successful in Thailand’s capital it may then be rolled out to other cities across the kingdom.

At Monday’s meeting officers were informed that a whopping 76 percent of road accidents are a result of people driving too fast.

Authorities were told by the state to reduce the number of fatal road accident by 50 percent by 2020.

According to reports this is not going well with the number of fatal road accidents having actually risen since 2011.

No mention in the meeting was made that recent figures show that Bangkok actually has the fewest road accidents of any city in Thailand.

Some commented that officials might be better off finding the city with the highest number of accidents and implement measures there to reduce fatal accidents before moving on to less dangerous cities.

Source: Thai Rath

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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