Sixty-Five Cambodians, including children have been found locked in a building in the Sa Kaew province, near the Rong Klua Market.

Police and rangers took action following information supplied by an informant concerning the whereabouts of the people, who had been smuggled across the border. They had been hiding for three days in a shophouse.

When authorities broke in to the locked building, they discovered 65 people, five of which were children. No one possessed any travel documents.

It appears that the were awaiting transportation to Bangkok after they had paid a broker 2,500 baht each to sneak them into Thailand.

They were instructed to wait until a vehicle was dispatched to pick them up, which would take them on to prospective employers in either Bangkok or Samut Prakan.

Three days had passed and no one arrived. Many of the Cambodians were hungry and weary.

They illegal visitors were sent for deportation back to Cambodia.


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