Police Officers Transferred For Arresting A Man They Thought Was A Foreigner

Four traffic cops have been captured on video assaulting a man whom they believed was a “foreigner” and drunk.

The incident happened in Khlong Toei area of Bangkok, which resulted in four city cops being transferred to other duties, following the video being shared amongst social media users.

The four officers admitted the offence but claimed it was a misunderstanding as they believed the man, identified as Pamoke Rodtiang to be foreign and inebriated.

The gentlemen tells a different story, claiming his only offence was taking a photo of the policemen, as they went about their duties. He then found himself being treated roughly before being placed in handcuffs.

Since the incident Pamoke has been invited to meet with Pol Maj-Gen Jirasan Kaewsaeng-aek, commander of the Traffic Police Division.

Following this meeting, which was held behind closed doors, the four men were transferred to the Operations Centre of the Traffic Police Division.

An investigation will determine if the officers were involved in any wrongdoing.

There is no law, preventing the photography of police officers in Thailand.

But what is most concerning is the comments made by the officers regarding the man’s nationality. Are they saying that they have the right to arrest foreigners for no reason or simply believing he was drunk?

This is not how to encourage tourism to Thailand. Tourists should be treated with respect, for it is they, who spend their hard earned cash in the Kingdom.


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