Two Thai men were arrested by Tha Charchai Police late last night when officers discovered that the passenger van they were traveling in was also transporting 2,156 methamphetamine tablets as well.

A team of officers led by Lt. Col. Nokorn Chutong, apprehended the van’s driver Uthai Jankarn, 41 and his alleged accomplice Phuwadon Pornsawangniwet, 20, both of whom were from Trang.

Police in Phuket bust two men trying to smuggle meth in passenger van

Police discovered the illegal drugs during a routine search of the Phuket-registered Toyota passenger van at 11pm last night.

Both men confessed to officers that the pills belonged to them, as a result both men were taken to the Tha Chatchai Police Station and charged with possession of a class 1 drug with the intent to sell.

Source: Coconuts

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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