Police Raid Pattaya

Meanwhile in Pattaya.... Police raids continue :( Credit: เรื่องเด่นเย็นนี้ ช่อง3

Posted by Love Pattaya Thailand on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

On February 22 Mr Narit Niramaiwong, chief of BangLamung police, received a tip from an undercover associate who was pretending to be a customer, using this clever ploy he consequently discovered the premises were being used for prostitution.

Police officers then carried out a raid on Club 4 & found a number of girls on the premises, including two who were actually engaged in sexual acts with customers.

Miss Chayanut Laokiao the 36 year old owner will be charged for allowing sex on the premises as well as selling liquor without the proper permit.

This bar was also raided in February 2015 for similar offences, so it seems they didn’t learn a lesson from that.


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