Police Seize Guns And Drugs Ahead Of Songkrang

It seems Songkran is responsible for everything that occurs at this time of year.

From increased road checkpoints, to observing street vendors prices and now criminals with guns or drugs are targetted.

Claims that 5000 crooks and drug dealers or traffickers have been rounded up by police since the 31st of March, appear to be far fetched, at least on the face of things. The manpower to arrest 5000 people would be phenomenal to say the least.

Police have seized over 100 illegal weapons and half a million methamphetamine tablets as a result of these arrests.

Pol Lt-Gen Charnthep Sesavech, commissioner of First Region Provincial Police Bureau said it was all to do with public safety during Songkran.

We agree 100% that the public should be kept safe and of course criminals should be rounded up, guns removed from the streets and drug dealers jailed. However, let’s get behind the authorities and see such action over the whole year, not just for Songkran.

Songkran should be a time for celebration and rejoicing; a time for fun, even for the nations police officers.

The Songkran activities commence in two days. Let’s have a party!


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