Police summon Facebook user after alleged marijuana smoking at Surarnabhumi airport

Airport police at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport are summoning a Facebook user to clarify a post after she posted a picture of a passenger apparently smoking marijuana in the airports smoking room.

Police said at a press conference on Saturday (July 8) that such posts can tarnish the reputation of the country.

Officers said that preliminary findings are that they were a group of Vietnamese passengers traveling home and that it was not marijuana being smoked but tobacco.

They intend to summon the female passenger that posted the image to clarify the post which could cause a misunderstanding and damage the reputation of the country which is a violation under the Computer Crime Act.

The Vietnamese man apparently went to the smoking room and used a bottle with a hole drilled in it and he placed something that looked like dried tobacco leaves in the apparatus before lighting and smoking it.

Authorities found the bottle in a rubbish bin and sent it along with the ashes to be drug tested. Preliminary finds are that it was not drugs just tobacco.

Authorities have sent the evidence for further drugs tests to confirm the results which are expected to take 15 days.

Police summon Facebook user of posting alleged Marijuana smoking at Surarnabhumi airport

Source : Thai PBS

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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