A mother of a girl in Phichit who lost her left leg two years ago because of cancer has called for help in getting her a prosthetic leg for better mobility at school.

The mother, Plubpueng Butrnoi, said doctors had to amputate the left leg of her daughter Nattaporn, 9, two years ago to save her life.

prosthetic leg

After Nattaporn fell and broke her left leg, doctors diagnosed bone cancer and recommended the amputation to be sure she did not die within two years.

The mother said her daughter made her own decision to amputate, did not give up, and has ever since tried to live her life normally. The family lives in Tambon Ban Noi in Phichit’s Pho Thale district, and the girl is now studying in the fourth grade of Ban Noi School.

prosthetic leg

Pranee Puengchai, one of the girl’s teachers, said the girl is good at studying and has remained lively following the amputation.

The mother said the girl must see doctors regularly and needs a new crutch. Since the family is poor, the mother said she would welcome help for the medical expense, a new crutch and perhaps a prosthetic leg for the girl. The mother can be contacted at 065-0101825.



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