Popular expat bar Cheap Charlie's reopening 7 months after closure

In an statement made on Facebook last night on the Cheap Charlie’s Bar page it seems that the popular Bangkok side street venue previously open for over 30 years before closing in April will be making a triumphant return.

The news which was music to many ex-pats ears resulted in a flurry of people tagging others in the post along with other questioning when and where the iconic watering hole would open.

Perhaps in an effort to build suspense owner Ekkachai Budkajang is playing both the opening date and location close to his chest however a picture did accompany the post showing construction on the actual bar had begun leading to a wave of speculation over its location.

Popular expat bar Cheap Charlie's reopening 7 months after closureMany speculated that the bar appears to be inside what looks like a shipping container suggesting that it might be located at one of Bangkok’s night markets, where many venues utilise re-purposed shipping containers as venues.

Much to the dismay of many patrons Cheap Charlies closed back in April when the land it sat on at Sukhumvit Soi 11 was allegedly sold to a hotel development for 2 billion baht, however no construction has yet begun.

Popular expat bar Cheap Charlie's reopening 7 months after closureHaving previously been interviewed before the post yesterday Ekkachai said that he would only reopen the iconic bar if he could find an outdoor location close to the centre of the city, which has left many hoping he has been able to find such a location.

One thing is for sure there are a lot of excited patrons keeping a very close eye on the Cheap Charlie’s Facebook page.

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Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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