National Reform Council member, Sira Jenjaka, reveals that a Powerful Thai General is behind Casino Proposals and is the main driving force behind opening casinos in Thailand.

He went on to say that the General has promised to reward NRC members that back the plan with a new job for the National Reform Steering Council, which is soon to be formed. He also said that the General allegedly promised NRC members, who voice their support, to set up a new political party with up to 10 Billion Baht to back it, if legalised casinos are created in Thailand.

The NRC will be disbanded in two months, which could explain some member’s willingness to support the casino proposals. They are being accused of ignoring Thailand’s problems and simply caring about their own business interests.

Another NRC member, Major Anan Vajarodaya, who supports the project refuses to believe that a high ranking General has made such an offer. He went on to say that such accusations could prevent the authorities from backing the plan.

The NRC’s plans to legalise casinos will be presented to the Thai Government next month.


Sira Jenjaka went on to say, “Gambling is a vice. So instead of giving people access to casinos, why don’t we explain to them why gambling is bad?” He even requested that a disciplinary investigation be carried out for Somyot Poompanmoung, the national police chief, who has openly backed the plans to legalise casinos in the Kingdom. The Police Chief remains defiant and is ready to sign a petition calling for an entertainment complex that includes a casino to be allowed.

Somyot, in his defence, said that all he has done is give an opinion and will still deal with illegal gambling as long as it is against the law in Thailand.

The Tourism and Sports Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul believes that tourism can improve without having casinos. She believes that introducing legalised casinos into Thailand will not increase the numbers of foreign visitors significantly.

Thailand currently ranks number 10 in the most popular countries to visit.

Traditionally gambling is illegal in Thailand, so any proposals to legalise casinos in the Kingdom will meet strong opposition.


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