Are you a prepaid mobile phone user in Thailand? All users have to register their number by 31st July 2015 or face suspension of service.

The Nation newspaper have reported that out of 110 Million currently active mobile phone numbers in Thailand, 90% of which are prepaid, only a meagre 10% of users are registered!

The process of registration began on the 1st February and has according to the secretary general of the NBTC, Thakorn Tanthasit. Registration can be made with the service operators directly or at Krungthai Bank and at superstores like Big C, Tesco Lotus and 7-11. Not too many people so far have heard about the new requirement, it could end up in a rather chaotic situation with everyone rushing to register their numbers at the last minute.

Also it seems mobile users will be given 6 months to register or a suspension of service will occur, which seems a bit more reasonable. The big question though is why are the authorities implementing this registration? It’s a simple answer, it’s for national security reasons. 99% of all users that aren’t registered are almost definitely not security risks though, so what is stopping those that are posing a risk form buying a phone from abroad and switching on international roaming? Or from getting a foreign phone unlocked or simply stealing someone’s phone and using that? Maybe it seemed like a good idea in the meeting!

Or is there a different reasoning altogether behind this….Another theory suggests the networks are running out of numbers and this is a way of freeing up numbers.



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