Wasu Phan-ngern, president of the Tambon Ban Mai Administrative Organisation in Nonthaburi’s Bang Yai district, has made complaints against provincial police in region five.

He says that the police have severely damaged his reputation when they implicated him in the Mae Hong Son child sex scandal.

Wasu along with a number of other officials had been called in for questioning with regards to a field trip they had undertaken to Mae Hong Son last September. But he insists that they did nothing wrong during the trip and is now planning on suing the police.

The Nonthaburi officials were questioned about the trip to a resort that is apparently known to be used for prostitution, typically with underage girls.

It seems a large party had been held at the resort on the night of September 22nd but the police did not investigate the event to determine what was going on or who was in attendance according to Wasu.

He also claims to have a video featuring state vehicles, which were parked outside the venue and urges the Royal Thai Police to take action against five local officers for not investigating the nature of the party.

Source : thaivisa.com

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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